Anglian Land Drainage Limited

A new brand for an established and well
respected Essex business to visually demonstrate
its growth and expansion into new markets

Anglian Land Drainge had over 40 years trading history in the UK construction industry so any branding activity had to be sympathetic to the companies reputation whilst addressing the core values of the business and its current activities. From the outset it was decided that the new brand had to use the initials “ALD” as this was the abreviation used by so many of its clients.

The inclusion of some for of device that would demonstrate the sectors in which it operates, these being, Eathwork, Amenities, Sport surfaces and civil engineering. The end results of the work produced saw the delivery of one of the stronget brands we have ever produced – A real feather to our cap and an industry recognised brand that is as fresh now as it was the day it was designed.

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