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Solutions For A Leader In Period Renovation

A&D Period Renovation Limited have become one of the region’s premier renovation companies. For nearly 50 years they have specialised in the restoration listed and period properties. Their expertise in traditional building techniques speaks for itself and their ability to incorporate modern systems and amenities within period properties truly sets tham apart from their competition.

They have built a reputation of the highest quality workmanship and an outstanding final product.

A&D Period Renovation Limited are a great client and are very receptive to our input and suggestions which makes working with them a truly rewarding experience, we have been working with Louis and his team for 8 years

“At A&D Builders we have a reputation for the delivery of excellence in every project we undertake. this is why our Branding and marketing material has to be of the highest caliber. Gerard has been responsible for our entire marketing efforts for nearly eight years now and in that time he has delivered everything expected of him. It is very reassuring to know that he understands our business and what we need to say to our clients”

Louis McNamee
Company Director

Internal Branding – Reception Desk Reigate Barn

Reception Desk Design

Design is not just about a sketch in a pad, Every element of a project should be considered down to the Brick selection and ensuring that the bricks used are the exact shade of blue as the Swift Brickwork logo

Early stages of the build

The build of the reception desk begins using the Technical drawings produced by Swift's BIM Manager taken from the concept visuals provided.

Logo panel housing

The Lintel in place, the logo panel housing is now complete and requires time to dry out before any further courses are added.

Main brickwork complete

Once the lintel course was set all remaining bricks could be laid and finished in preparation for the fitting of the bespoke granite countertop

Granite set in place

Granite countertop bonded in place using epoxy compound the reception desk is nearly complete and ready for the logo panel

Reception Desk complete

Logo panel in place the reception desk is complete and is a great example of the attention of detail Swift Brickwork provides to every client