I combine a wealth of experience with a modern
approach to branding, marketing and online activities
to help my clients reach their potential

I have a passion for helping my clients to grow their businesses by delivering a services that encompasses all marketing communication channels available in todays market place.

In order to do my job correctly I have had to become tehnically proficient in all of the programs and applications detailedd below;

"Good design should always make a journey from the head to the heart, and back again!"

Graphic Design

At the core of every design project we produce commercial clarity and inspired creativity.

We make sure that our ideas match your goals and deliver the results you set out to achieve.

We provide our clients with a range of design services which include; presentation documents, financial reporting, annual reports, brochures and of course, all forms of internal and external corporate communications.

Adobe – Photoshop 2020 Photo, Image, & Design editing
For use in Image Creation, photo editing and colour correction

Adobe – Illustrator 2020
 Vector graphics editor

Adobe – Photoshop 2020
Photo, Image, & Design editing

Adobe – Acrobat PRO
User interface design and prototype software

Web Design

Our team are on-hand to provide insight, planning and strategic recommendations, delivering significant business results for a growing number of clients around the world.

We have over 20 years experience in a full range of web development services, including creative design and technical solutions.

Our web content management experience includes WordPress, WooCommerce, JSon, Drupal prettymuch anything required to get a project off the ground.

Adobe – XD
User interface design and prototype software

Content management system based on PHP and MySQL

Adobe – Illustrator 2020
Other stuff

open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP

Photography & Filming

Over the years my drive for creatively accuarte and compelling images has meant exhaustive trial and error based training along twith the occasional course or six.

This combined for my lust for the latest tech means that now, after only 20 years, I am available to meet the excpectations of all clients.

Our Photography equipment includes;
Leica S3 Medium Format DSLR – Leica 35mm f2 APO-Summicron-SL ASPH Lens
Sony Alpha A6500 DSLR – 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

Our Filming equipment includes;
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone – Hasselblad 4k filming
DJI Ronin-S Gimbal
Edelkrone SliderONE v2 DSLR Slider

Adobe – Bridge 2020
Digital asset management

Adobe – Lightroom 2020
Image organisation and image manipulation software

Adobe – Camera Raw
Professional Image Capture & Colour profiling

Adobe – Premiere Rush
an all-in-editor for social media video content

Movies & Presentations

Much the same as Photography and filming my desire to create our own agency showreel some 10 years ago lead me to attend countless traing courses which has helped me to convert my thoughts and design reuirements into deliverable digital media.

No, we are able to deliver informed creatibe media for our clients which includes; Project case studies and timeline filming for our construction clients, comoany presentations for our marine clients along with countless presentations that deliver all the facts required with that extra little spark!

Adobe – Premiere Pro
Non-linear editing application built for modern file-based creative video production

Adobe – After Effects
Digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application

Adobe – Media Encoder
Encoding video files to ensure they play on all devices

Universal photo editing software

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