Excellence without compromise

The New Headquarters of the UK’s leading Specialist Brickwork Contractor had to be something special!

The canvas was a Grade II Listed Essex barn with adjoing building provideing 8,000 sq ft of open plan office space. The brief: “Do whatever you need to make the project work”.

Reporting directly to Mike Walsh – Managing Director it was clear from the outset that Reigate Barn had to deliver “Excellence without compromise”

Internal Branding – Reception Desk Reigate Barn

Reception Desk Design

Design is not just about a sketch in a pad, Every element of a project should be considered down to the Brick selection and ensuring that the bricks used are the exact shade of blue as the Swift Brickwork logo

Early stages of the build

The build of the reception desk begins using the Technical drawings produced by Swift's BIM Manager taken from the concept visuals provided.

Formation of Logo recess 

The Lintel in place, the logo panel housing is now complete and requires time to dry out before any further courses are added.

Completion of brickwork

Once the lintel course was set all remaining bricks could be laid and finished in preparation for the fitting of the bespoke granite countertop

Setting Granite top

Granite countertop bonded in place using epoxy compound the reception desk is nearly complete and ready for the logo panel

Fitting of Logo panel

Logo panel in place the reception desk is complete and is a great example of the attention of detail Swift Brickwork provides to every client