Working with co-workers, customers & partners
has never been simpler with Brandocs.
Document creation and control made easy!

With Brandocs not only can you securely share files, but you can also create, edit and review documents with others in real time from anywhere, on any device. Using one of the bespoke templates brand specifically for your business you, or your teammates can amend any document within your library to meet your clients needs. Brandocs has been built from the ground up with the specific aim of simplifying the way in which you create, manage, store and distribute your content.

As mentioned, Brandocs (in essence) is an online template-based document creation platform. Every template created and stored within your document repository will comply with your company’s brand guidelines and provide users with the ability to amend each document to create any manner of presentation/marketing material required. Because of its unique structure, all amendments are able to be policed by an administrator within your business to ensure conformity at all times.

Brandocs - Key Features

Client Log in

As Brandocs is a cloud-based solution all you need to do is visit Then, simply enter your login details including your user name and Your Password.

Once you are logged you will see the Brandocs dashboard from this point you will be able to navigate through all of the features available.


As mentioned, from the Dashboard you will be able to access all of your document templates as well as keeping track on documents edited and the team members who edited them.

Brandocs offered tiered user hierarchy which is permissions based for differing levels of access and sign-off.

Document list

Once you have gained access to your document repository you can simply click on the document you would like to edit. Once actioned the requested document will populate the screen and is ready for editing. Because every template is built to your exact requirements there is no need to select fonts or typestyles, that’s all been take care of and will follow your companies branding to the letter!

Document editing

The creation of tabbed formatting, bullet points and automatic numbering can all be selected from your “Style Menu”. In addition to this, our companies colour palette will also be included in any templates selected to allow easy selection and avoid any possible errors.

Whilst editing your document there is no need to Save, Brandocs automatically saves as you go!

Adding an image

Maybe your document could benefit from the inclusion of an image? With Brandocs this couldn’t be easier! As a Brandocs administrator, you will have complete control over what image content is available to add to your documents. Once these images have been approved they will be resized, sampled and added to your image library ready for use.

Image gallery

All approved users will have access to your Brandocs image library where every image is ready for use and optimised for minimum file size. Your image library can be divided into sections, for example; Staff, Office shots, projects and many more.

Simply click on the image you would like to add and Brandocs will take care of the rest.

Template gallery

The Inclusion of additional pages couldn’t be easier, simply click on the “Add Page” icon and a page will be inserted into your document. Once your new page is inserted you can choose from any number of the page templates available.

More page templates can be created at any point all you need to is ask.

Pdf creation

Once your document is complete, all that is left to do is click on the PDF icon, In a few moments, your completed and optimised PDF document will be ready for use.

Working with Brandocs means that every document produced by your company is Brand perfect, Every time!

Feel free to view the Brandocs website